Scholarships and Fellowships

Through generous donations from Oxford College alumni and supporters, the following endowed scholarships are offered annually to first- and second-year students.

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Tarbutton and Kabir Fellows find passions and pathways through summer experiences.

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Kabir Fellows

In honor of two Oxford students who exemplified Oxford College principles of generosity in heart and spirit, the Abinta Kabir Fellowships offer five annual scholarships for $2500 each to student projects that focus on education, youth development, and/or working with under-resourced communities. More on the Abinta Kabir Foundation can be found here:

Mosley Innovation Internship Scholarship

Made possible by generous donations from Sigmund Mosley, the Innovation and Internships scholarships is meant for students who pursue projects related to entrepreneurship and innovation in their chosen area of interest. Oxford College offers one scholarship for $2500 every summer.

Tarbutton Leadership Fellows

Named in honor of Hugh F. Tarbutton, Sr., the Tarbutton Leadership Fellows were established in 2019 by Hugh Tarbutton, Jr, to allow first year students who havedemonstrated excellence in the classroom and in campus life and have the future potential to make a positive impact at Oxford, Emory, and in society at largeto apply for one of five $3000 Tarbutton Leadership Fellowships. TLF funds projects with distinctive academic, co-curricular, and/or experiential opportunities to develop their individual leadershipcapacities. These students might choose to create a summer internship or research project, or toparticipate in leadership seminars or unique travel programs. 

Glass/Mallard Fellowships

Upcoming for fall 2024, the Glass/Mallard fellowships support projects or internships each year that are related to community-based initiatives. Specifically, Glass/Mallard Fellows develop projects including mental well-being as it intersects with social justice and/or community change.  Efforts that highlight impacting campus culture toward enhanced well-being or that confront toxic or oppressive norms and systems will receive the strongest consideration. Team applications appropriate and encouraged. Glass/Mallard Fellows have a connection with the counseling center.  

Arrendale Internship Scholarship

One of our most flexible awards, the Arrendale Internship Scholarships looks to honor student projects, classes, or unpaid internships specific to student work or research in the field of computer science. This is a $2500 award.